Q: How long will it take for my music to be released?

Please allow roughly 3 weeks for the entire process. Quality Control usually takes 2-5 (if there are no problems) and delivery and processing to all platforms takes anything from 48 hours to 10 working days depending on the platform.

Q: When and how will I get my royalties?

Collecting royalties takes at least 2-3 months. So you will see the first royalties appear on your “Sales” tab about 3 months after your music has been released. Transferring pennies and cents is not usually worth the trouble, so please wait until your revenue reaches at least 25€. After that, please send a PayPal request for the amount of your royalties or contact info @ eclipsemusic.fi to set up a bank transfer.

Q: Can I make updates after my music has been released?

Yes. You need to go through the distribution process and correct any data you wish to update and distribute again. Your data will be updated accordingly. See the tutorial for further details.