Setting up your music career as an independent artist, an indie label or an artist working with an indie label is difficult to say the least. Many things have to happen in unison. One of those things is, obviously, having a recording and releasing it to the public. There are many companies working in digital distribution so getting your music released is not necessarily a problem, albeit many companies charge upfront fees or yearly fees for any and all releases and it might take a while for the artist to make any money back to cover the fees.

Eclipse Music Digital offers you a system without any upfront fees (though our royalty percentage is a bit higher to compensate for this), but more importantly Eclipse Music is also an actual record label. This means you, as an artist, have a potentially direct career path with our company. We can help you with our upgrades. But most importantly, if you have success with your music in the digital arena, we are interested in signing you!

The bottom line is this. Our goal here is to help you get started, to get that first release out there or to set up your indie label. After that we can help you press your CDs and vinyl records. We can help you with your press releases. There are many tools available. And best of all, there are not strings attached. You can use our system in whichever way you want. You can join or leave any time or use other service providers on the side.

If you consider the royalty fee too high and you want to have 100% of your royalties, we have fixed fee options.

Whatever works best for you.



Eclipse Music is an independent record label founded in 2007. Specializing in jazz and progressive rock Eclipse Music is also a home to different kinds of indie and marginal music from folk singer-songwriters to rock bands.

For more information about the record label, please visit www.eclipsemusic.fi

In 2016 the label expanded to live events when Eclipse Jazz Club, a monthly club for jazz and progressive music, started off in Tampere, Finland. More information about the live club (in Finnish) at eclipsejazzclub.com

Eclipse Music Digital was initialized in 2018 (as a limited beta test at first). The goal was to enable new and emerging artists to release music in an easy and affordable way through our digital distribution network.